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Scooby Doo + Batman + Weird Al Yankovic

My sister was telling me the other day that her 4 year old was watching an episode of Scooby Doo with Batman and Weird Al Yankovic. As it turns out, it was actually a special episode of Batman the Brave and the Bold. Three of my favorite things are in this cartoon! There are actually 3 cartoons stitched together in this episode, so I just fast forwarded to the last one with Scooby Doo. Check it out on Netflix!




This fall Fox will bring back some iconic characters to television. They just released a trailer for a show entitled Gotham. And as you might have guessed this is going to be a story about Batman James Gordon. Initially I had my doubts, but this trailer looks awesome. Let’s just hope they air the series for more than one season and don’t play the episodes out of order. Can I get a “So say we all” from you brown coats out there?

Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn

So NBC recently released a trailer for Heroes: Reborn. The original show was a geek’s dream. You had a psycho watchmaker cutting people’s heads off, a politician who could fly, a male nurse who could take on the powers of those around him (and he was literally the bomb), an invincible cheerleader, a time travelling Japanese guy who had Sulu for his father, a cop who could hear people’s thoughts, and a heroine addicted artist who could paint the future. Of course there were several other Heroes and anti-heroes in the show. The mysterious man in the horned rimmed glasses (known to the internet as HRG) was particularly interesting.

Yesterday I talked about how shows can loose footing after their initial season(s). I always enjoyed Heroes, even when it lost the punch of the first season. However, had the writers stuck with the original plan to have a new cast every year with a completely different story, I think the show could have been much better. They could have kept some characters like HRG and the geneticist to tie the seasons together. We could have seen the furthering of the politician’s career on the television set in the background. It could have been quite interesting.

Since this mini-series may bring back some of the old familiar faces for cameos, is this going to be a pseudo-sequel where some events in the later seasons of Heroes didn’t happen? Will they even address this? Or maybe it doesn’t even matter since we’re going to be focused on the new cast and new story-line. Only time will tell if this show is going to be able to live up to its potential.

Now when is Fox going to bring back Firefly?


The Flash

CW's Flash

Seventeen years ago, I was twelve years old. I can distinctly remember thinking that there wouldn’t be another Superman show on television for quite a long time. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman had finally gone off the air.  As a nerdy kid, this did not make me very happy. I had post-finale depression.

Four years later, I was sixteen years old. The memories of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman were still semi-fresh on my mind. But when I was sixteen, I viewed the show differently from when I was twelve. What had changed? I had matured a bit. I remembered how the show drifted from the earlier seasons’ roots. The particularly outlandish episodes like the ones with H.G. Wells in them stood out vividly in my mind.

H.G. Wells

So when the television show Smallville was announced, I thought to myself “this isn’t going to be very good”. In fact, my dad of all people convinced me to watch the pilot. As it turns out, the WB/CW did a really good job of bringing the man of steel back to the small screen. I even remember my high school girlfriend getting upset at how religious I watched that show. That was probably because I drooled over Kristen Kreuk. Sure there were some seasons where the show lost footing and some bad episodes. I have a friend who always mentions the episode where Lana turns into a witch. For them, that was the last straw. But you know what? I stuck with that show and I don’t regret it. The last season definitely made up for some of those seasons that weren’t quite as good. We finally saw Clark put on that cape, we finally saw him fly, and we finally felt the closure that we needed.

It probably doesn’t come to your surprise when you hear me say that I’m a huge fan of the CW’s version of the Green Arrow. This Green Arrow is different from Smallville’s version of Green Arrow. He’s dark, he’s gritty, and he kills people (or at least he did in the first season). Heck they even introduced Ra’s Al Ghul as a character (although he’s yet to make an appearance).

So with Arrow doing so great, what has the CW decided to do? They’ve decided to bring a new hero into the mix as a spin-off to Arrow. It’s been twenty three years since The Flash has had his own feature on the small screen. It’s time for a new Flash show! The show’s tone is already set from Arrow. It’s star is an attractive looking skinny kid named Grant Gustin who starred in Glee. But the most exciting news that I’ve heard about this is that the actor who played The Flash in 1990 (John Wesley Shipp) is going to play an important role in the show. I’m thinking they’re going to let him be some sort of mentor to Barry Allen. I think this is a great way to pass the torch. This is reminiscent of Richard Hatch playing an important role on the 2004 version of Battlestar Galactica.

I hope you guys are just as excited as I am to see the fastest superhero make his return.