Disney+ What IPs should they Resurrect?

If anyone can take business away from Netflix, it’s Disney with their Disney+ service that is slated to land on November 12.  They’ve already announced a ton of Marvel shows,  High School Musical: The Musical: The Series show, Lizzy McGuire, new episodes of The Clone Wars, an Obi Wan Kenobi show, and (my favorite thing they are bringing) The Mandalorian.

But what IPs should Disney resurrect that they didn’t announce?

  1. Dinosaurs? I mean nothing these days is ever a dead show or movie right?
  2. Tron. I loved Tron Legacy (and it may just be because of the awesome visuals and Daft Punk’s music or (O.O) Olivia Wilde. I want to know what happened. I’d take a show or a direct to streaming movie to round this out. 
  3. Girl Meets World (continuation). This revival was cancelled, but it might be better slated for Disney+.
  4. How about some new marvel cartoons like X-Men. Or license a Spider-man cartoon with Sony (too soon?).
  5. Deadpool Does the News Nope can’t do this because they are keeping the platform Rated R free (they should do this on Hulu though!)

What backlogged show or movie do you think Disney should bring to Disney+? Sound off in the comments!

PS, here’s a proper The Mandalorian Trailer:


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