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Three Reasons Why Tyler Gallant Will Make an Excellent Crow

In my previous post I talked about a personal friend of mine Tyler Gallant. I thought it best to give a short list of why I think he’ll be up to the task of filling the shoes of Eric Draven.

  1. The most obvious reason that Tyler Gallant looks like he came straight out of James O’Barr’s comic. He even has the hair so there is no need for a wig!
  2. Like any great actor, Tyler understands the motivations of his character. Tyler does research, works with his acting coach to get the most out of the character, and he finds out what makes his character tick. I got to see this first hand on the set of Wonder Woman: Molded from Clay. Even between takes he stayed in character. He would play with a line where he knew he had room to play with it and he watched as we all reacted. He saw what worked and what didn’t and at the end of it all he had us full of laughter and awe.
  3. Gallant is athletic. I don’t know if you could tell from the photo, but the dude is ripped. He was once a pro hockey player in the minor leagues with the Utah Grizzlies, Amarillo Gorillas, Arizona Sundogs, Odessa Jackalopes, Queen City Storm and Knoxville Ice Bears. He’s been trained in boxing, hockey fighting, and has worked with a professional MMA athlete.

You should also check out his acting reel and his biography.

If you would like to book Tyler for work please contact Jason Hough of Callisto Management at Jason Hough Email.


The New Adventures of Old Batman


As a kid I remember loving the old Batman show. It was corny, over he top, and just down right cheesy. This show taught me to buckle my seat belt, never punch a man with glasses, and on days that you can’t get rid of a bomb it’s better to duck behind a bunch of steel pipes than allow it to destroy a group of ducks in the water.

Well what if I told you that there was a way you could enjoy some new adventures with your favorite childhood Batman? There is a semi-new comic called “Batman ’66” that is just that. I’ve read the first issue of this and I must say, I was rather impressed. Do yourself a favor and put your batteries to power and your turbines to speed. Roger? Ready to move out?

They’ve even come out with a whole new line of toys. The Batmobile is my favorite. They’ve even got an Egg Head figure in the works. Egg Head was played by Vincent Price… I wonder if he’s a long lost relative of mine.

I tend to think comics get expensive over time. A dollar an issue is more expensive than the volume sets. All of this being said, I may have to become a collector of all of this great new stuff.

Now where are my new 80s movies at?