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Geek Dad

I use to write on my blog as a form of self awareness and therapy for myself. I had almost no filter on my blog when I was younger. Somewhere along the way I started to filter myself.  I’m sure no-one wanted to hear my whiny immature rants about whatever it was I was angry or upset about. And that makes sense, I was growing as a person.

When I was in college I had some friends that had a radio show. It was at some pretty late hours so I’m sure no-one was listening. It was a show called Brutal Reality on Jacksonville State’s 92J. I was in love with the idea of podcasting. I was a long time fan of TechTV. I loved The Screen Savers and I really wanted to do something like that. I use to watch Diggnation and watch Alex Albrect and Kevin Rose drink beer and shoot the shit. They talked about top rated stories, and were able to just be themselves and enjoy each other’s company as brothers. I found myself going on Brutal Reality sometimes looking for callers to ask computer questions in a segment we did sometimes. I owned this domain, and so I was “Mr. Geeknotions”. We ended up getting friends that were hanging out in the lobby to call in with questions because, like I said before, I’m sure no one was listening.

So when I left college, I got a job here in Decatur, AL. I barely knew the people I was working with. I had a hard time adjusting. I’m sure I wrote some on my blog, but I also ended up finding a running group on It was a bunch of married ladies (minus a girl who wasn’t interested in guys) but hey at least I was getting exercise and branching out a little! I also got a great friend of mine from college to come to work with us and ended up making great friends with the people I work with.

At the end of all of this, I’m still this single guy living in an apartment literally on the edge of town. At this time I have social anxiety really bad. In the terms of going places to meet people I didn’t really have a wingman. I have some friends that tried, but I needed someone who knew other people in the area to be a social conduit for me. I didn’t have that.

I had the internet and social media to make me even more anxious about meeting ladies. It lead to some bad decisions like trying to date someone I went to college that I shouldn’t have that lived a couple of hours away. We made better friends and things just didn’t work out there. Also I learned that long distance doesn’t work for me.

So I started using dating apps. I’m pretty sure I tried all of the popular ones. Getting responses was tough. When I went on dates, sometimes I’d think things went well and then I was ghosted. Or sometimes things seemed good in theory then there’d be no chemistry. I did end up dating someone for a while, but ultimately we didn’t want the same things. A good relationship is hard to find. I’m glad I don’t need to bother with all of that anymore. It was exhausting.

Immediately after that relationship, I had the opportunity to go to California for a month for work. I did some pretty cool things. I got to see San Francisco and Alcatraz. I also drove down highway 1 along the coast to Monterey Bay. The cliff’s on the drive were beautiful. After I passed Half Moon bay, I stopped and walked down a path next to this beautiful field full of yellow wildflowers. I came to the end of the path and stopped and felt the power of the wind as it soared off the waves.  I then continued to Monterey Bay to the aquarium where some of Star Trek IV was shot (the one with the whales). It was a time for me to gather my thoughts and just be one with myself.


After I got home, life continued normally for a bit and I helped around on a couple of film projects with a group of people I had met through my previous relationship. I just wanted to be a part of something like I had dreamed of in earlier years. I wanted to be a part of something more and do some cool things with friends. The film thing was kinda disastrous, for a lot of different reasons that I will not get into. But I was clawing to find something to hold me up after my previous failed relationship.


Then one day something happened that would unexpectedly change my life forever. My apartment was burglarized. I had some good renter’s insurance, so I just had a bit of a deductible to get replacement items. I got this money back due to a court order against one of the criminals. The other criminal has been in and out of jail since the burglary and we still haven’t had the trial 4 years later.

But why was this good luck for me? It got me off of my rumpus and I went and found a house. I had some friend’s wives come house shop with me to get the female perspective. With their help, and the help of my realtor, I found my beautiful home.

I had been binging out on Little Caesar Pizza leading up to my move in day because everything was in boxes. Also I may have been a little depressed that I was going to have this nice size house and probably feel even more lonely.

After all of this, and wanting to nearly give up, I tried the online dating thing again. I got to talking to this great lady that I now call my wife. We hit it off immediately, and we met up at a Starbucks for the first time. A lot of times, when meeting someone in person they don’t look like their picture online. My wife was even more beautiful in person. We talked even more and had a nice long walk on a trail right down the road. I still think about that conversation that we had. I don’t remember much of what was said, but I remember the feeling that I still have today.

After our first official date, we saw something that was a sign of what was to come. We saw a rainbow in the distance, because you were meant for me and I for you.IMG_1790

Since we’ve been married, I have mostly ignored this blog. This blog was a coping mechanism of mine that I just haven’t needed. The film business and social media in general was the same thing for me. It was just a way for me to ignore what I really wanted.

And now we embark on a new journey: parenthood x2. I find myself asking what I can do to be a good husband and to be a good father. And hopefully asking these questions continually will make me be these things.


So what will this blog become? Maybe it’ll become a blog about cool geek things to do with your kids? Maybe it’ll be more. I have missed writing here and I hope to bring more to you. From here on out though, this blog is definitely not a coping mechanism. It’s filling a need to have a creative outlet.

Hoping to be the best geek dad.


Snow Funding

As you may know, I recently helped produce a short film called Snow: Dark Days. It’s purpose is to bring hype and attention to obtain investors for the motion picture Snow. The Director/Creator Jason Hough is looking for funding and if you know any business people in Alabama that may want to help fund this adventure please contact Jason Hough. He just posted this to Snow’s Facebook page.

Jonathan Strickland Music Video – How it Came to Be

Recently I had the pleasure of being involved in a music video shoot for Jonathan Strickland, a rapper from Huntsville, AL. He’s very talented and in his song Hope City he makes several references to comics and pop culture. Specifically, he references Tony Stark, Michael Scott, Superman, Pepper Potts, Bruce Wayne, Bane, Killer Croc and Wolverine. Strickland is down to earth, super nice, and knows how to work a crowd.


Strickland (pictured right) outside "The DeeP Comics" in Huntsville during national Comic Book Day.

The organizer of the music video shoot is a good friend of mine whom I met at National Free Comic Book Day this year at The DeeP. When I first met Jason, he was taking video asking people who they were cosplaying as and why they were there (and everyone would obviously say “free comics”)1. It was a promotional video for The DeeP. When he released the promotional video he added in Strickland’s song Hope City Strickland liked the video so much he asked Hough about shooting a music video for him to help promote his music.

Hough responded with something extraordinary. He had recently met Santiago Cirilo (Julio from The Walking Dead) at a convention. He was able to get Cirilo to agree to be in the music video.


Santiago Cirilo (left) and Jason Hough (right)

Securing Santiago was only one piece of the puzzle. Hough had already worked out a great premise but he needed a good supporting cast. The premise was simple: there is a zombie outbreak at a comic convention. So a call went out over the internet for cosplayers and zombies. By having Santiago involved, excitement was increased and participation was high.

It was only fitting to have cosplayers in the music video since the promotional video for The DeeP is what got the ball rolling. The premise also fit the song pretty well considering the vast geek culture references. Additionally this video shoot was a great opportunity to promote Santiago, Strickland, The DeeP, Blogmen Media, Sylvester Photography, and Sparky Cosplay.

The music video was shot in two afternoons and while I was there I met some great new friends. Everyone acting in this video really got into it.  On night one, I was dressed as V for Vendetta and during one of the shots a zombie girl was so intensely acting that she actually ripped my pants. Luckily my pants stayed together (for the most part) until I got to my car to change into some others.


On night two I dressed as Smallville’s Clark Kent and I got the opportunity to get zombified.


By the time the night two was over, we all felt like a bunch of Zombies. Even Santiago. But I wouldn’t trade in the experience on anything.


The music video will premiere at The Geek Gathering in Sheffield, AL (September 20-21).

1 I was surprised to find out that Jason knew that my superman jacket was specifically from Smallville Season 10

Star Trek Continues

In the past I’ve talked about the return of the 60’s Batman and the return of your favorite characters from Ghostbuster’s in the form of comics. In the future, I’d like to talk about the resurrection of the 80s Battlestar Galactica (yes there is a comic!).

Today I’m talking about the fan made web series called Star Trek Continues.  This is a continuation of Star Trek TOS (the original series). I’m not sure where on the internet I found this series, but I’m really glad that I did. The quality of this production is top notch.

Admittedly, I’ve only seen the vignettes and the first episode “Pilgrim of Eternity”. The sets and the color palette of the show match up perfectly with the original series. They even shot the show in a 4:3 ratio.


Captain Kirk


Captain Kirk is played by Vic Mignogna, the producer of the show. Most of this is paid for out of Vic’s own pocket.  Because these are fan films, they can’t make a profit off of this show, which is a pity, because they are awesome! Vic’s acting skills are decent, he’s no Shatner, but I’d love to shake this man’s hand for the awesome work he’s done on this show!

Mr. Spock


Spock is played by Todd Haberkorn. Haberkorn is known for a couple of anime films and also played a Police Officer in 2009’s The CollectorHe is very good at portraying our emotionless friend.

Dr. Elise MacKennah


Michele Specht plays this new character who is the ship’s counselor. She does a wonderful job of being a lovely lady aboard a star ship surrounded by a bunch of dudes. It’s good to see some estrogen added to this cast. Michele is known to Sci-Fi fans as insane bounty hunter Red in “Fallout: Nuka Break”, and as Betty the Manipulation Core in the Portal-based “Aperture R&D”.



Christopher Doohan, the son of James Doohan, has reprised his father’s role as Scotty!  After doing some web surfing, I found out that Christopher Doohan is not new to being in Star Trek films. He has made cameos in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness. His acting is perfect and before I knew he was James’ son, I thought he looked a lot like the original Scotty. Now I know why!

Dr. McCoy


Larry Nemecek  plays the Dr. McCoy (Bones) in the first couple of episodes. His acting isn’t great, but he’s a huge Star Trek fanatic.  He is best known for his work on The Green Girl (2014), The Con of Wrath and Trek Nation (2010). Side note: you can watch Trek Nation on for free.


Chuck Huber plays McCoy in the vignettes and in the third episode and after watching the vignettes, I think he’s a better fit for the role.



Grant Imahara plays the part of Sulu. If he looks familiar, it’s because he’s on Mythbusters. His accent seems a little pushed, but he’s a pretty good Sulu.



Kim Stinger plays the role of Uhura. Her version of Uhura isn’t quite as proper as the original, but I’d say that is a good thing. She also played Uhura in Star Trek New Voyages, another continuation fan series.



Wyatt Lenhart plays the part of Chekov.  After looking at his IMDB profile, it looks like this the only work he’s done. Does he sound Russian? Yes. Is he young? Yes. Sign him up! I think he does a fantastic job.

With the introduction of the cast and crew out of the way, I’d like to introduce you to the show by this great interview that I found.


Alabama Phoenix Festival 2014

So admittedly, I’d never actually been to a geek convention until this event. I think the Alabama Phoenix Festival was a great convention to start with. The girlfriend and I got ourselves a day pass for Saturday (05-31-2014) and it’s a day neither of us will forget. The convention isn’t so large that it’s extremely overwhelming, and there was enough cool stuff there to keep you interested. I packed a backpack with water, snacks, and deodorant. These things are essential for conventions!

Downstairs there was a room stacked full of tables where all types of artists and vendors were selling things. It was awesome seeing all of the talent that this convention brought together. I saw a 60’s bat-mobile toy that was pretty fantastic. It was 80 bucks. I salivated over it for a little while and then continued on. I then saw some walking dead sketches that I almost couldn’t resist. And then I saw these prints of Flying Monkeys. I don’t know exactly why I was drawn to them, but they are one of the coolest things I saw at the convention. I’m now the proud owner of these two prints! The artist’s name is Bryan Crowson and you can check out more of his work at He will even draw you as one of your favorite comic book heroes!



Also downstairs there were other cool things like a full size T.A.R.D.I.S. (they say it was bigger on the inside, but the door was locked), Oculus Rift goggles, a “Fix-It Felix, Jr.” arcade game, and most importantly a working replica of the Millennium Falcon Cockpit! Being at the right place at the right time landed 3 pictures of myself on Make sure you check out’s coverage and photos of the Phoenix Festival. Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3


That pretty much sums up the awesomeness that was the show floor! Now on to the panels.

How to Write YA (Young Adult)

Admittedly, I didn’t know if I was going to like this panel. I’ve always thought it’d be neat to write a book, but it’s never been something I’ve ever really been ultra motivated to do. I love writing blog posts about geeky things, and I promise I will continue to do so. But you never know, maybe one day I’ll write a book. We walked in a little late to this panel because google maps decided to start drinking the night before and continue all the way through the morning.

This panel was full of women varying in age from mid-twenties to thirties with maybe an outlier or two. It was refreshing to see so many strong empowered women in a room talking about the thing they love. Here are some of the things that were discussed while we were in the panel:

  • Don’t Respond to Negative Reviews
  • Don’t Feed Trolls
  • Self Publishing vs Getting a Publisher
  • Finding Illustrators
  • First Person vs Third Person Pros and Cons

Panel Members: Ciara Knight, Anne Riley, Jessica Hawke, J. L. Mulvihill, Ashley Chappell, Amy Leigh Strickland, A. G. Porter

The Full Scale Millenium Falcon Project

That’s correct folks, the picture of me in the millenium falcon is from a project where fans are building a full scale Millenium Falcon! I was surprised to find out that this project is happening practically in my back yard in Madison, AL. The goal of this project is simple, build a full scale replica of the Millenium Falcon as depicted in The Empire Strikes Back. Sounds easy right? Yea, I didn’t think so either.

You may not know this but there are many discrepancies in the falcon’s layout throughout the films. Discrepancies vary from the angle at which the falcon’s ramp opens to problems with the cockpit itself. That being said, compromises have to be made.

The guys talked about meeting Adam Savage from Mythbusters when Savage was touring Huntsville. Savage loved the cockpit, and it wasn’t even in as nice a shape as it was in for the Phoenix Festival. Savage was kind enough to sign the console.


I asked them where they want its final resting spot to be. They want it to go at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, or at the Science Center in Nashville. And if you’re wondering if you’ll be able to hit the wall in the cockpit and it fix a failing falcon, they’re totally doing that!

The cockpit they have so far is only version 1.5. They are doing a lot of things to improve the build quality. It almost seems like a shame due to all of the hard work they’ve put into this thing. But they assured me that it will be much easier since they now have a Fab Lab.

Check out the Official Site of the project and the site of Mind Gear Labs where they are doing all of this great construction!

Star Wars: The Coming Darkness

From Josh Mason comes a Star Wars fan film about Star Wars where there are Star Wars related memes, Star Wars styled costumes, Star Wars style fighting, and most importantly lightsabers!

Josh Mason is a director that lives in Covington, TN right outside of Memphis. He directs many amateur films. Apparently everyone in his town seems to know about him. He talked about the cops coming out to the shoot after someone spotted them. They thought they were in some kind of trouble, but the cops simply showed up to watch.

This film was hard to follow due to bad speaker levels in the theater. The music track had a much higher volume than the dialog track. This film was still fun to watch. It came in at roughly 26 mins and was by no means a masterpiece. It did look like they had a lot of fun making this film. When you have no budget, what do you expect? At least they are doing something they love!

Director: Josh Mason

Visit the Official Facebook Page.

Mass Hysteria: Ghostbuster’s 30th Anniversary Panel

The Alabama Ghostbusters were having a big celebration at the festival for the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters. During this panel, they did a podcast while interviewing  Dan Schoening the illustrator for the Ghostbusters Comic Book.

It was a little hard to hear in the stage room, so I’ll spare you my recollection of my waning memory of what I did catch during this panel. Hopefully they will have the  podcast up soon so you can listen to it in its entirety. Listen on iTunes or via the Forum. Or you can just listen to episode sixteen right here:

A little after this panel, you could actually see a screening of Ghostbusters with the Alabama Ghostbusters. I believe they were adding in extra bits of interesting information about the movie during the screening.

Additionally, you could visit Oak Hill Cemetery as ghost hunters did a paranormal investigation.

The Golden Age of Science Fiction

I don’t know what to really say about this panel except that I wished I had gone to the Avengers Assemble panel instead. I feel like I would have enjoyed this a little more had Cadotte not been the only person on the panel of two talking. The only other person really talking was in the audience. I did some investigative work by doing some Facebook surfing and found it was his wife. She was totally a plant!

The panel was suppose to be a bit more diverse. But the lady that was slated to be on the panel was no where to be found. There was some other man that was on the panel that is not listed in the schedule book.

I did learn that the golden age was from the 30s to the 60s and some things in that time period shouldn’t be considered Golden Age. One such exception is Dune because it is so much richer than golden age style science fiction. Science fiction throughout most of this time was primarily available in magazines. Because of this, the stories seemed to be very sinusoidal with many ups and downs.

I did make a mental note to read Ray Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles”. If I got anything out of this panel it’s that I definitely need to read that.

Panel Members: Joseph Cadotte

Overall this was a great first convention. I had a great time.  For the perspective of my festival mate, please see May the force be with you all!