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I'm Bryan Price "The Southern Programmer". I'm a Software Engineer for 3-GIS. I enjoy computers, running, video games, and Alabama Football (Roll Tide!). I'm a home theater enthusiast and love science fiction, comics, and all kinds of other geeky stuff.

Faster than a Speeding Arrow

During the Arrow season finale, which by the way was AWESOME, the CW played a first look trailer for The Flash. We are in the golden age of television! There are so many good shows, it is hard to keep up with them all. I later found a five minute trailer for The Flash.


First Batfleck Images

Yesterday the biggest thing I saw on the internet was images of Ben Afleck in the batsuit. I must say it looks awesome! More importantly, look how awesome the batmobile looks!



Here’s a better look where the image is brightened.


I’m withholding judgment until I see the film. I think everyone thinks this is an odd choice for Batman after the Daredevil flop.  But that is some good eye candy.


A good friend of mine (Joey in the comments) linked me to a bunch of images of “Sad Batfleck”. Personally this is my favorite.

sad batfleck



This fall Fox will bring back some iconic characters to television. They just released a trailer for a show entitled Gotham. And as you might have guessed this is going to be a story about Batman James Gordon. Initially I had my doubts, but this trailer looks awesome. Let’s just hope they air the series for more than one season and don’t play the episodes out of order. Can I get a “So say we all” from you brown coats out there?

Gender & Race Swapping


Recently the new cast for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie was announced. The guy on the far right is Johnny Storm/The Human Torch. If you don’t remember his sister is Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman. Unless Sue Storm is invisible throughout this entire movie, I think people might notice that they are not the same race. This is a big deviation from the comic. I’m guessing they are going to make them half siblings or step siblings. This kind of change bothers me, not because they changed the race of Johnny Storm, but because they are messing with the formula.

Perry White in the “Man of Steel” movie was played by Laurence Fishburne. Did this race change bother me? No. Perry White’s race doesn’t really mess with the formula. I don’t know if you knew this or not, but there was a character in “Man of Steel” named Jenny Olsen that was following Perry White around in the city. I don’t think they actually ever said her name. But if Jenny is a replacement instead of a relative to Jimmy Olsen, I’m going to have weird feelings about it just as I do about Johnny Storm. Actually, I think this is a bigger problem than the race change with Johnny Storm. At least with Johnny Storm, he can still be her brother (even though he won’t be 100% blood brother). If she is the replacement, that is omitting part of the formula, not just altering it.

I will admit that I had the same reaction when they changed the gender and races of people in Battlestar Galactica. But after watching a few episodes and seeing that this was an entirely different universe, I gave in and loved the changes that were made. Katee Sackhoff was amazing!

Maybe I just need to give these changes some time. Maybe I’ll learn to like the changes. In any case, I’ll be standing in line with everyone else when the movie comes out.

Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn

So NBC recently released a trailer for Heroes: Reborn. The original show was a geek’s dream. You had a psycho watchmaker cutting people’s heads off, a politician who could fly, a male nurse who could take on the powers of those around him (and he was literally the bomb), an invincible cheerleader, a time travelling Japanese guy who had Sulu for his father, a cop who could hear people’s thoughts, and a heroine addicted artist who could paint the future. Of course there were several other Heroes and anti-heroes in the show. The mysterious man in the horned rimmed glasses (known to the internet as HRG) was particularly interesting.

Yesterday I talked about how shows can loose footing after their initial season(s). I always enjoyed Heroes, even when it lost the punch of the first season. However, had the writers stuck with the original plan to have a new cast every year with a completely different story, I think the show could have been much better. They could have kept some characters like HRG and the geneticist to tie the seasons together. We could have seen the furthering of the politician’s career on the television set in the background. It could have been quite interesting.

Since this mini-series may bring back some of the old familiar faces for cameos, is this going to be a pseudo-sequel where some events in the later seasons of Heroes didn’t happen? Will they even address this? Or maybe it doesn’t even matter since we’re going to be focused on the new cast and new story-line. Only time will tell if this show is going to be able to live up to its potential.

Now when is Fox going to bring back Firefly?