Spider-Man leaving MCU

After the failure that was Spider-man 3 (aka finger guns and Topher Face), Sony brought us a movie that made Peter Parker a “skater dude” instead of “lovable nerd”. Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy we’re both good choices, but the writing suffered. Then after the total disaster that was “The Amazing Spider-turd 2”, Sony was even more desperate to make money on their prized cash cow. So then we got all the greatness that is the MCU Spider-Man.

Now that talks have broken down between Sony and Marvel for future films, where does that leave us? Sony can’t reference the MCU, and the MCU can’t reference Spider-man. Tom Holland has 2 more years left on his contract. Will Sony continue his story ignoring the established character’s major influences? Will they put Venom in the same universe as Spider-man? What would that mean to the viewer? Now Venom is in the same universe as the MCU but not really in the MCU? Disney should fight harder to keep Spider-Man. The 50/50 deal isn’t good enough to Sony and it causes all kinds of story problems. I don’t know if this version of Spider-Man can survive outside of the MCU. The real looser here is the fan. The house of mouse is rich enough and the MCU needs Spider-Man narratively. These juggernaut companies need to just get along! This is definitely a struggling time to be a geek.

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